Compare to Quick Parts/AutoCorrect/AutoText

   The experienced user will observe that a SuperBooks and DropDown List recalls have many similarities with Word’s built in QuickParts, AutoCorrect and AutoText functions. The main benefits to Pathagoras’ version are these:

Unlike Word's features (which are typically computer bound -- they are typically stored in the user's Normal.dotm template), everyone on the network can easily point to the same SuperFolder,  SuperGlossary or common folder reflected in a DropDown List.

There is no limit to the type of information you can store in a SuperBook or DropDown List folder:  Images, tables, highly formatted text. Pathagoras can handle it all.

Since a SuperBook or items in a DropDown List are just Word documents, you can take any component home with you to edit and refine it, just like any other Word document. (With QuickParts, AutoCorrect or AutoText, you must be on the same computer, recall the term to a document, edit it and then re-save it. And to save it, you must remember the exact spelling of its name (AutoCorrect and QuckParts don't display the name of the term you are editing. It's just text on a screen.)

Pathagoras' approach is much simpler and intuitive because you are always working with a specific document, and its name is obvious.

Pathagoras does not suggest you not use Quick Parts/Auto.Text.  Indeed, beginning with version 2021, we added some tools that can make Quick Parts an incredibly useful tool. Read more at this link.)  However, when it comes to storing large blocks of text, consider the a SuperBook or DropDown Lists, or other Pathagoras text expander tools. (Use Pathagoras to complement Word’s offerings, not necessarily to supplant them.)