You can easily add a 'Comment' to a variable. Use 'Comments' when you want to offer to the end user an explanation as to the variable's purpose, or instruction on how to complete,the replacement field within the Instant Database screen.

   To add a Comment, simply click inside the first appearance of the variable in your document. (Don't highlight the variable. Let Word do that for you.) Then click on Word's standard 'Add Comment' tool found in the 'Review' and the 'Insert' tabs.

   When the Instant Database is called, and the document scanned, the comment will appear as 'hover-over text' in the left column on the screen. (Move your mouse over the variable and watch for the hover-over text to appear.) If no comment is added, Pathagoras will still provide 'hover over' text, but the text will be the variable name itself.

   Note: The processing of Comments within variables is somewhat 'destructive' in that the comment is erased once it has been read and added as hover over text. This makes it all the more imperative that you use copies of your documents, not the originals, when performing document assembly tasks.

  informationWe reiterates two important instructions from the above: (1) Do not highlight the entire variable as you are adding Comments. A quirk in Word prevents Pathagoras from seeing the Comment if you attach the Comment to the entire bracketed variable. (2)  The Comment must be appended only to the first instance of the variable in the document. It will not be seen if the Comment is on a second or subsequent appearance of the variable.

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