To create a new document, you would typically click the Document Assembly icon, and then select a book. The Clause Selection screen next appears. From that screen you would select one or more of the library of clauses showing in the left panel and move them over to the right panel. Click <Next> and Pathagoras will quickly assemble the selected clauses.

   If you frequently find yourself selecting only a single clause from a specific document assembly book (such as when each item in the book is a complete document or form), consider making a 'DropDown List’ from that book. A DropDown List sits in the menu area of the Word screen. It is always on and always ready. When you need a single item to complete the job, click on the list, select a term, and blink-of-an-eye instantly, the term is inserted into your document.

NOTE: As you may have surmised from the above, you can maintain a Document Assembly book and a DropDown List both pointed simultaneously to the same folder. Use Document Assembly (and the resulting Clause Selection screen) when you want to select multiple clauses to quickly build the outline of your document, and if you need one or two additional fillers, use the DropDown List. The symphony you can create is incredible.

tip If you have a DropDown List, but do not have a corresponding 'book' in your Document Assembly library, not to worry. You can create a 'Clause Selection' screen on the fly directly from your DropDown List. (1) Scroll to the bottom of the DropDown List and click "Other Settings and Actions." (2) When the new screen appears, click the long blue bar titled 'Display as Clause Selection Screen"


 Clause Selection Screen

 DropDown Lists

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