Clause Selection Screen vs. Clause Sets

   Actually these are not different so much as the latter is a shortcut built within the former. As you use Pathagoras regularly, you will find yourself building routine documents by checking off the same clauses time after time. Instead of reinventing this wheel each time you compose a basic contract or an ‘I Love You’ will, you can create a Clause Set of those routine clauses. To create a clause-set, start building the document in the normal fashion (moving clauses from the left panel to the right panel of the Clause Selection Screen), but before clicking the <Next> button, click the <More> button at the bottom of the screen. Check the “Clause Sets” box and then click <Next>.  Pathagoras will create a list of the clause references and will show you how to save that list for reuse as a clause-set.

   The next time you display the Clause Selection Screen, the clause-set you created will appear in the list of available terms along side of the other terms. Now you only have to call in one item, not the several (potentially dozens of) terms the clause-set represents.