When Pathagoras creates an intake sheet based on a mask, it attempts to correct for 'illegal' cell names. And before it is done, it may have created cell names that do not precisely match the original variables. Any changes Pathagoras made in order to complete the process are shown in the 3rd column, in red. The most common change is the insertion of an underscore between each word of a multi-word variable. Client Name would become Client_Name because spaces are 'illegal' in a cell name

   You need to make a choice here:

   (1) You can keep the new cell (and proposed variable) name. If you decide to keep it, you will have to change the variable in all of your Word documents so that compatibility is maintained. Pathagoras provides tools to do this, or you can just use standard Find and Replace tools to replace [Client Name] with [Client_Name].

   (2) You can reject the change. You should then delete that line from the data collection screen (and delete the name from the named cell) to prevent the automatic processing of the term. Just complete the value by hand the next time you call up the IDB screen.

   (3) A third, slightly more complex, and not necessarily recommended, option exists. You can keep both the Word variable  and the Excel variable. You can do so by creating an Equivalency between the two In the Instant Database screen. Continuing with the example term, this would be done by placing "=[Client_Name]" in the space to the right of [Client Name] in the variable list. When you are completing the form to personalize the document, simply click the red button that will be present when Pathagoras detects the equivalency.

   The value of the 'equivalent field' is transferred and replaces the equivalency statement.

   Here is are some screen shots.



The equivalency function as it appears in an almost completed record.
[Client Name] is the equivalent of [Client_Name].


Press the red button to instantly transfer the value from the referenced cell to the current one.
When replacements are made, both [Client_Name] and [Client Name] will be replaced with the desired value.

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