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Cascading Options Chart

Cascading Options Chart

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Cascading Options Chart

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   Setting up the various cascading values can be tedious if done by hand. Lining up the variables, insuring the proper count and proper spellings presents not insurmountable challenges if done by hand, but difficult ones nevertheless.

   Pathagoras to the rescue with its Cascading Chart. This is a document that ships with Pathagoras that provides you an easy to use template which you complete with the various elements.

   To use, navigate to "C:\Program Files\Pathagoras\". (If yours is a 64 bit machine, the path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Pathagoras\".)

   Double click on '' to open Depending upon your security settings, you may be asked to confirm running the macros found in the chart. (The macros control the buttons in the Chart which allow you to display the instructions and to add and delete rows and columns as you are adding elements.)

    Here is what you should initially see:

  Click to expand.

   Using the values you want in your MultiChoice *Lists*, complete the chart as appropriate. when done, you can automatically add the contents of the chart to the currently stored *Lists* by:

1.Click Pathagoras Features dropdown
2.Select Authoring/Editing tools and
3.Select MultiChoice*Lists*;
4.From the resulting screen, select ‘Import Prepared List’ and click the Next button.
5. Pathagoras will quickly import the data, creating the proper element for each *List* and report its success to  you a confirmation screen.