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Manual Markup

Manual Markup

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Manual Markup

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   To perform document disassembly, Bulk Add requires only (1) the presence of unique markers at the beginning and the end of each clause, and (2) a name for each clause.

   Being composed all in 'plain text', the markers can be inserted quite easily manually. Indeed, many users prefer to forego the automatic and semi-automatic tools that Pathagoras provides and hand-mark each clause.

   See the information inset below for clause naming rules that must be followed.


 The structure of a properly marked clause is:

<&(Name of clause)/(Subject of clause)/(Body Text of clause)&>

The red text shows the begin and end markers and the slashes between the
name, subject and body of the clause.

The blue text shows the clauses name and its (optional) subject.
If the subject is not provided,  the second slashes will be immediately adjacent to the first.

Note: colors are for emphasis and illustration purposes only. They are absolutely not required.

    For a document to be 'properly marked,' the name of the clause must begin immediately after the ‘begin’ mark and must end with a forward slash (‘/’). The optional subject of the clause must begin immediately after the slash following the name. A closing forward slash (‘/’) completes the name and subject section. (Note: While a subject is optional, the slash is not. If a subject is not used, the name will be followed by two slashes. See second example below.) An 'end mark' must be placed at the end of the desired clause.


 <&Preamble/Opening Paragraph/This Contract dated [Date of Contract] is made between [Buyer Name] and [Seller Name].&>

 <&Fixed Price//This is a fixed price contract, not subject to market or other considerations.&>


information NAMING RULES:

   If you are breaking up this master document up into separate documents, keep in mind that normal document naming rules apply.

   If you  intend to disassemble the document into a glossary (as opposed to a folder of clauses), bookmark naming rules will apply. (This merely means that the glossary term name must begin with a letter, and contain only letters and numbers (and no spaces). The name may contain an underline (‘_’) character. )

         A 'Subject' for each clause is optional, but strongly recommended. It can be anything (to 'make up for', as it were, the ‘naming’ rules which are limiting).  The 'subject' should be relatively short (no more than 45 characters), but can, in fact, be of any length. As with all aspects of Pathagoras, don't spend too much time worrying about the subject. Changing it, if you find the need, is a very simple process.)

  lightbulbsmallHint: Once you have decided on the opening and closing markers, and typed it once, you should copy it into your clipboard. Then you can easily paste it at each new location. That will save time and avoid typos.

  redarrowIf a paragraph contains auto-numbering fields such that you cannot move the cursor in 'front' of the number, the marker should be placed adjacent to the first character to the RIGHT of that number.