The processing of commands in an AskTable is top to bottom as the questions are encountered in the table. All of your questions will be displayed in a scrollable screen so you can answer them all in a single setting (and then go get a cup of coffee if the list of questions is long).

   Two exceptions:

1.If the AskTable contains an '<<*If*. . .>> logic point for which the comparison !groupname! has no value (typically in a cascading type interview), Pathagoras will stop so you can provide that value.

2.If you insert "<<*Break*>>" on its own line anywhere in the AskTable, Pathagoras will 'cut-off' adding additional questions until the one's before the 'break' are answered. <<*Break*>> allows you greater control over the questions that are presented.

3.You can globally limit the number of questions that are presented to a user for each screen. (Sometimes 'all' is just overwhelming.) To set a new default maximum number of questions, click "Pathagoras Features (top half) | All Settings | Options/Optional" . Look for the 'Max Frames' text box (which will read '99' by default) Decrease the number (perhaps to as low as 10).  Press the Save icon to save the selection.