Beyond 'Major' Document Assembly Projects

   Pathagoras is a multi-dimensional program. It can easily be used in every aspect of office operations. Pathagoras can assemble complex trusts, lengthy bids and detailed requests for proposals. It can be used to put together highly personalized pleadings and contracts.

   But Pathagoras should be used with everyday cover letters and memos, too. Its simplicity and speed lend itself to such use.

  Think broadly and creatively when it comes to implementing Pathagoras. It can save you an incredible amount of production time. There is no reason why every form and letter in your office should not be Pathagorized.

Call up your frequently used documents and forms and put [brackets] around every potential variable.

Assign folders containing frequently used forms and letter to a DropDown List and 'point and click' instead of navigating.

Use the Instant Database module to quickly identify and replace each variable.

<Alt-G> can call in not only the ultra-sophisticated blocks of text into your work screen, but also simple signature blocks, letterheads and other text frequently used in everyday office operations.

   Unlike other programs that require extensive setups that would dissuade their use on your 'simple' forms, Pathagoras is the opposite. Its plain-text roots make 'Pathagorizing' your entire office quick and easy. A little bit everyday is all that it takes.