Automatic Link to Database

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   But what if you wish the link to the database to be 'automatic'? Pathagoras obliges.

   There are two ways:

1.The first alternative is to leave the source document permanently connected to the data source. Whenever a new document is called up for assembly, the data source links come with it. This is a 'best practice' when you exclusively or primarily use complete documents as your document assembly source documents. If you use DropDown Lists as your primary document assembly tool, you may consider this technique.
2.If you assemble documents from clauses using the Libraries and Books screen, you can create the automatic link to the data source by completing the "Templates" field in the Document Assembly Settings screen. Simply assign the 'bridge template' as the book's "Template." The steps on how to do so are outlined in the Main Manual. See
3.This is not a third alternative so much as it is a blending of 1 and 2 above. If you use DropDown Lists for assembling documents, but wish not to maintain a permanent link between source document and data source, you can still have the benefit of the Automatic Link when you call in a document from a DropDown List.
Make the template-to-book assignment called for in paragraph 2 above.
Create (or recreate, if the List already exists) a DropDown List from the book.

When you perform the above steps, the assigned template will be added to the administrative section of the new (or regenerated) DropDown List. Any new documents created from the List will then be linked automatically to the data source.