Auto-Create Incrementing Variables

   Most variables are manually created by inserting them at strategic points in your document as '[' + variable name + ']'. You can also globally create variables semi-automatically using the Create Variables (Alt-V) tool. See this link.

   But you can also create a series of variables from another variable that itself suggests the 'need' for variables. Pathagoras can automatically create the variables associated with a 'number of' call. E.g., the variable '[Number of Children]' leads to [Child@1], [Child@2], etc.; [Number of Shareholders] can automatically result in [Sharholder@1], [Shareholder@2], etc.

   Here's how:

 1. Create a variable in your document that contains the word 'Number' (in any position).

 2. After scanning the document, or recalling a intake form (mask), double click on that variable.

 3. Pathagoras will ask 'how many (children, shareholders, etc) are there?,' (taking its cue from the variable name itself). Provide a numeric answer.

 4. Pathagoras will then ask you for a 'base name' (and suggest one for you, again based on the 'number of' variable).

 5. Pathagoras will create and increment the number of variables that match the 'how many' answer.


 Type [Number of Children] in a document. Press Alt-D to bring up the IDB screen and Scan for the variables.

 Double click on the variable. Answer the prompts. Watch the action.

  Note: This tool would be needed only in the situations where the variables are completed independently of document creation, e.g., using a mask or intake form. If the document is created first and the <<*Repeat* . . .>> command is used to duplicate and increment the base variable, and the document is then scanned using the Instant Database, there would be no need to auto-create (pre-create) the variables. The IDB scan of the document would pick up the variables that the <<*Repeat* . . . >> command created.

  Note: Yet another automation tool exists to augment your variables list. If you create a multiple-choice list of variables (perhaps to select a variable representing an Actor, if you select a variable from the list, and if that variable doesn't already exist at the left side of the IDB screen Pathagoras will create that variable for you so you can provide a final value for that variable. See this page in the Manual for further explanations and illustrated examples.