Register the Template in the Database Settings screen

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   The Database Settings screen is the 'control point' for creating most links to your data. There are shortcuts available after the settings have been saved to this screen.

   The process of completing the Database Settings screen is easy and most is automatic. Keep (or recall) the bridge template you just created in the previous section on-screen.

   Activate the Database Settings screen from the Pathagoras drop down features menu. Select the Database entry and the Database Settings entry from the submenu.

Click to enlarge.

    This is what you should see.



   Select one of the numbered option circles at the left. Your selection of rows is not critical, but it should be a blank one if you are registering a new data source, or a 'filled' row if you are replacing a registration.

   Click the <AutoFill> button. Provide the information as it is requested.

The bridge template is examined for the appropriate link information, to fill the second and third text boxes.
You must provide the nickname, which can be anything you want. It should be short, but still adequately describe the database. It appears in other database selection screens.
The <AutoFill> button will not appear if the underlying document is not linked to a database. You may nevertheless manually register any database by hand typing the appropriate information into the various boxes.
Click the Save Settings button when you are done.

Study the other available buttons on the screen to get a sense of what can be accomplished in other situations using this screen.