Assign a template to a document assembly Book.

To assign a template to a Book (this is a one-time process only):

(1)Click the Document Assembly icon (third from the left)

(2)Click the <Settings> button to display the settings screen.

(3)Note the ‘Templates’ tab at the right half of the Settings screen. (See Figure 1.) Type the template name, or navigate to the specific template in the appropriate box. See 'Search Strategy' below for more information.

(4)Save the changes.

Click to enlarge.

The Document Assembly Settings Screen. Template tab visible.


informationYou can create a new template and attach it to one of your Books in a single step. Click here for the process.

Search Order for Templates

   Pathagoras has a search strategy for finding templates assigned to Books. Pathagoras will look for a template in the following order:

If the template is 'fully qualified', Pathagoras will look in the designated location and no further. ('Fully qualified' means that the document is pointed to by drive, folder, subfolders(s) and name. E.g., "c:\office forms\estate planning\trusts\".)

If Pathagoras sees only a template name, it will first look in the folder assigned to the book.

If the template is not there, Pathagoras will look in the default templates folder and in the first level of sub-folders beneath that.

   Therefore, you can store the template in one of several locations, and Pathagoras will be able to find it. Do realize, however, that once Pathagoras finds the template, it doesn't look any further, and does not warn you that multiple copies of the template might exist.

   Many users prefer to store the template into the folder belonging to the Book, because they want to share their work with other Pathagoras users. By storing the template along side of the other source documents, only a single folder needs to be transferred.