Saving <<*Ask . . .>> records

   Starting with version 2019, you can tell Pathagoras to save your selections. After you have made choices on the 'Wizard' screen, but before clicking the Next button, check the Save box near the Next button.

   Provide a record name when prompted. (This is similar to the Instant Database used to record personal values that will replace variables. Pathagoras will record your choices for later use and then proceed to implement your selections.)

   If a second or subsequent screen of the Wizard appears, Pathagoras will automatically record the choices in the same file named in the initial screen. Pathagoras will make all changes to your document (making Options choices, deleting optional text you elected not to keep, repeating text blocks and incrementing variables as appropriate, etc.) as reflected in your selections.

   The flip-side to 'Saving' is 'Recalling,' and that is discussed on the next page.