Recalling Interview Answers

   When you have assemble a document which contains an <<*Ask* . . . >> table, the Wizards screen will display. If there are <<*Ask* . . .  records that you have previously saved (see previous page) a button will appear in the extreme upper right corner labeled "Read Data". If you wish to recall a record instead of manually making each selection, click that button.

AskTable Recall

From the screen that next displays, select the desired record. Then, press the 'Go' button on the overlay screen to continue.

AskTable Recall2

   Pathagoras will automatically select the radio buttons and checkboxes and fill in the 'Repeat' values in accord with the saved data. (The example given, with only 3 choices on screen, hardly exemplifies the value of this features. But when there are multiple screens and dozens of choices, this can be a tremendous time saver.)

AskTable Recall3

   Make any changes as may be appropriate. When you click the 'Next' button, Pathagoras will ask if you want to update the existing record, create a new record or keep the original settings. This latter (keep original settings) feature allows you to record a 'standard' or 'universal' set of answers perhaps named 'Standard' --or anything you wish-- so that Pathagoras will automatically select the 'typical' values for you. You then can modify the selections as appropriate and save the new, more personalized, record for the specific client or customer. (This feature is similar to the 'mask' function of Instant Database records.)