Annual Support Agreement (ASA)

    In addition to the basic program, your purchase of a Pathagoras license entitles you to the following at no additional cost:

1.all upgrades to Pathagoras issued during the 365 days following your purchase (or conversion of your subscription to a full license)1.

2.technical support for issues related to the program. You will find our definition of 'technical support' to be quite broad and liberal. If you have a question about the operation of a feature, or if the program (or a document you have 'Pathagorized') doesn't work the way you think it should, give us a call, or shoot over the document you are working on. We'll debug the problem and offer some helpful tips along the way.
If the nature of your question or issue is beyond the scope of Pathagoras, we'll let you know, but we don't mind being called.

   To check to see if your Support Agreement is current, click the Pathagoras features button. Click Main Menu button and then the 'About' tab. Click 'Your Upgrade Status'. If your Annual Support Agreement has expired, you will be given the option to renew it. Renewals run from the date of your renewal (and not 'back dated'). So you get a full year of support from the date of the renewal.

   You will need your Serial number to renew via the above method. You can determine your Serial Number though this link.

   Beginning one month prior to your expiration date, we will send a reminder that your ASA is about to expire. You can renew at that time as well. (In this case, the renewal will run from the anniversary date of your original purchase or last renewal of your ASA.)

information Pathagoras does not require you to renew, and your currently installed program will continue to run even if you do not renew. You must affirmatively initiate the renewal process. We do not have any automatic renewals.


   1   If you are a 'monthly subscriber' to Pathagoras, you are always entitled to support and to the latest version of the program. There is no additional fee for either. Just keep in mind that upgrades are not automatic. We do remind you at the monthly anniversary of your subscription, but you must affirmatively initiate the renewal process.

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