<Alt-G> recall

   If you happen to know the name of the document that resides in one of your DropDown Lists, you can simple type the name to an empty line in your document and press <Alt-G>. Pathagoras will find and insert it. This quite literally makes hundreds of terms (or however many you have in your combined DropDown Lists) instantly available. (If you cannot remember the names, you can print out lists and keep the full or edited down lists at your side.)

    Sorting Characters and <Alt-G>

    Many firms use sorting characters in front of the substantive document name so that the documents can be listed in a desired alphanumeric order. Sometimes the sorters are a simple digit or two: "01 Preamble"; "02 Family". Sometimes there are 'Dewey Decimal' style: "002.045A.001 Preamble"; "002.045A.002 Family".

   Regardless of the nature or length, Pathagoras allows you to exclude the first X characters from a clause search, enabling you to type just the substantive text and <Alt-G> to recall the term from the DropDown. The 'X' characters to exclude setting is found at "Pathagoras Features | DropDown Lists | DDL Menu | Settings and Options". So in the example names above, you could just type 'Preamble'<Alt-G> or 'Family'<Alt-G> and the desired clause will be inserted where desired.


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When set, you can type 'Preamble'<Alt-G> even tho' full name
of Document may be "001.990.10 Preamble"