<Alt-G> is an 'intelligent' multi-function Hotkey=

    Against un-highlighted text:

if pressed against a number, Pathagoras will open the SmartPath assigned to that number in the current profile.

if pressed against a registered prefix, it will open the folder registered to that prefix.

if pressed against any other word or phrase, Pathagoras will assume that the word is a clause name. It will attempt to locate that name in the  locations and in the order designated in the Search Order page.

if pressed against a word assigned to a QuickLink, Pathagoras will open the folder assigned to that QuickLink.

if pressed against the word "last", Pathagoras will open the last document opened and edited or saved. (The original document will be opened.)

    Against highlighted text:

if pressed against highlighted text, Pathagoras will assume that you want to add the highlighted text to one of your books. It will invoke the Term Works! routine.

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