The Settings screen contains a quick summary of the most important settings, allows you to set certain default 'Views' and other features and settings:


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To see more settings, click the All Settings button.


The All Settings screen contains check-boxes and text boxes which allow you to control every display or performance aspect of the program.

Access the All Settings screen via Utilities/Settings. Click the All Settings button. This is the resulting screen.


The 'All Settings and Options' Screen. You can check, complete, select, view, modify, etc.,
every available program setting from this single screen.
By perusing the various tabs, you can also explore the numerous settings available
so that you can make Pathagoras highly personal to your needs.


  tipYou should visit the 'All Settings' screen not only to make changes to program settings you know about, but to explore and learn about those you don't. There likely are many setting and option that you may not have even known existed.