Typically, your *Aliases* are stored at you system level (either on your computer or if you have networked everything, on your server) in a file called "multichoice.csv". They can also be saved at Excel files (.xls or .xlsx). See this link.

   However, if that file is not available to all users, the call to an *Alias* will fail. (This can happen when users are from different offices or are not otherwise pointed to a central server.)

   To overcome that 'problem' and make your *Aliases* more 'portable,' you can store an *Alias* (or several *Aliases*), along with the list of choices that the *Alias* represents, within your document. Pathagoras allows you to paste the aliases you are using into the current document into an '*Alias* Table'. The table sits at the bottom of the document and can be easily seen and edited by the recipient user. (It can also be easily removed before sending to a client or customer.)

   To create the *Alias* Table, display the *Alias* List screen (Pathagoras Features | Authoring/Editing Tools | *Alias* Lists). Click the More button to expand the screen.



   Choose the *Alias* you want to embed in the document from the Current *Aliases* drop down list and then click the *Alias* Table. (You can alternatively embed the *Alias* and its values as hidden Document Variables. This is a good choice only if you know you or the recipient will not need to edit the multiple choice values for the Alias.)