Occasionally an Alias *List* will go bad. You will know it is bad when you start getting errors (especially 'End of File' errors) But you don't have to shoot it. Just repair it.

   Pathagoras has a tool to help determine what in the *List* is bad. Just display the Alias *List* screen, and then click the More button. In the expanded screen, press the "Check List Integrity" button. Pathagoras will report the potential 'bad stuff' it sees.

   Unfortunately, due to the nature of some programs (and because a false positive may have been detected), Pathagoras cannot automatically clean the file for you, though. You must open the file, study the reported 'error' and perform any required cleaning yourself. You will need to display the Alias file (called 'multichoice.csv') in Notepad to perform any repairs. This simply requires that you click the green "Edit in Notepad" button. Check for other potential errors while you are there. You should be able to readily discern the 'pattern' for the creation of an alias and its children.