The original *alias* lists were stored in a file named 'multichoice.csv'. (Same base name, different extension). The various aliases and their values were listed on a single line of text, in the style:

"alias name", "value1/value2/value3"

   Pathagoras grandfathers your current legacy (csv) list. You may continue to use it or you may convert the list to the new Excel format. To convert your list, display the Alias form, select the Legacy tab and press the Convert button. You may have a significant content in your legacy list that you want to preserve.

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   As you can see from the above image, you can edit and even augment your existing *Alias* lists from this screen, and Pathagoras will always work with your .csv file. But we do encourage you to convert to Excel as it will offer new flexibility in using existing *Aliases*, and in creating new ones, that only Excel can provide..

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