Advanced Application: Renumbering

   The previous examples used 'Prefix/Suffix Naming' to order your documents. That method requires you to completely rename your documents to the prefix/suffix style. This is not a 'bad' thing (indeed, we strongly recommend it).

   But if you are not quite ready to make that jump, there exists another quite satisfactory approach for causing your clauses to appear in a proper 'selection order.' You need only to add 'sorting numbers' to the 'front' of the document names in column 2.  With nothing further, you would have a better system than you had before.

Caveat, if you are changing the names in a glossary: Before getting too far with this, if you are renaming terms in a glossary, be aware that glossary terms must be named using the conventions for naming bookmarks (since the individual terms in a glossary are identified by bookmarks). Therefore, the first character of a glossary term name must be a letter A thru z, and cannot contain any not alpha-numeric characters other the underscore character. (The bookmark cannot start with a number or non-alphabetic character.) You should use the prefix/suffix naming style if you want to rename your glossary terms in an ordered fashion.

   There are two distinct ways that you can add these sorting prefixes. The first is manually. Simply type "01", "02", etc., to the front of each document's 'New Name' shown in column 2, making sure that the prefixes match the display order you desire. (Note the '0' in front of single digit numbers. This assures proper 'alphanumeric' sorting.)

    A more automatic method is to pre-sort the files in the Editor display. You would first use Sorting boxes (shown below) to get the order of your files in the proper top-to-bottom order. Then you would tell Pathagoras to add the proper prefix. The following images illustrate this technique.


To assign sorting numbers to the front of each document in the 'New Name' column:
   (1) Display the Sort Boxes.
   (2) In the boxes that appear at the far right, assign relative sorting values to the clauses,
with the ones you want to appear at the top with the smallest numbers and those near the
bottom with the largest numbers.
   The actual sort order does not matter on the first pass. You can sort and refine as many times as

Click to enlarge.

   (3) Click the 'Sort by' button (sort by Col 4 in Pathagoras 2013) to see the first round of results.
   Repeat (1), (2) and (3) to refine the ordering.
  (4) After you have the desired sort order, click the Prepend Sort Prefix. Answer the
formatting questions (space or no space, hyphen or no hyphen).  The results will be shown under the New Name column.

   Check your proposed results. Edit as needed. When satisfied, click <Apply Edits> (the green button) to rename the files to the 'New Names.'

  tipKeep in mind that Word (and Pathagoras) will sort document names in the various available displays alphabetically (not numerically). '1', '100' and '1000' all are 'alphabetically' ahead of '2.' So, to make sure that '2' appears ahead of '10', add a '0' ahead of the single digit, '00' before single digits and a single '0' before double digits if you think your numbering will exceed 100.. That will keep the intended order.


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