'Pathagorizing' a PDF.

    It's just like Pathagorizing a document.

   1. Recall a PDF. You can use Pathagoras provided tools (on the face of the Adobe Acrobat interface screen there is an 'Open Selected PDF', or just display a PDF form using Windows or Adobe recall tools.

   2. In each location where a personal value is required, type in a variable in 'classic' bracketed style. E.g., [Client Name], [Spouse Address], etc. Don't worry about completing every last possible variable. You can always go back and do more after you have tested the action we describe here.

   3. Save the 'Pathagorized' form. (We recommend that you provided a name that might alert a user to its Pathagorized nature. Maybe add '(P)' to its base name.



 At present, Pathagoras can replace text values only. We are still working on processing checkboxes and radio buttons.

 Multiple-choice variables are just fine. So a field can be [chocolate/vanilla/strawberry cream]

 *Aliases* are just fine. So a field in a PDF can read [*States*]

 !Groups! are just fine. So you can have [!st!*States*] and [!st!*Capitals*] in two disparate locations and Pathagoras will handle both.

 (The reason why these work is that the 'processing' of Multiple-choice variables, *Aliases* and !Groups! is done via the Pathagoras engine. And there is no better way to augment to power of Adobe Acrobat than through Pathagoras.


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