Adding New Text to a Book

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   In the previous exercise, we asked you to point to a folder that had 'lots' of document already in it. But as you are building and perfecting your system, you will be adding more and more documents/clauses/phrases/building blocks, etc. to your books.

   Pathagoras offers many ways to add documents to a book, but we are going to concentrate on just 2. Here are the steps.

  Manual add: this means exactly what it says. Manually move existing documents, or manually save new documents into the folder represented by the book. Never forget that Pathagoras is (1) very dynamic and (2) totally based in Word. Anything you add to a Word folder (or modify in that folder) will immediately be reflected in the Pathagoras book based on that folder.

  Add new documents via the Libraries and Books screen:

   Here are the steps:

(1) Display the item you want to add to the book.

informationThe item you choose to add to the book can be anything. It can be text, it can be a picture, a chart, etc. You can copy text/data/pictures/tables/links/whatever from the Internet and paste it onto the Word editing screen. You may have text from a forms book that you want to add to your collection of forms. It simply does not matter to Pathagoras what the source of the text is. So long as you can display it onto your Word screen, it can be added to a book.

(2) If you want to add just a portion of the displayed text, highlight that portion. If you want to add the entire document, you don't have to highlight anything.

(3) Press the Document Assembly icon. (It is the third one from the left, next to the Pathagoras features list.) The Libraries & Books screen will display.

(4) Select the target book from the list of books at the left of the screen. If the book is not in your current library, select a new library from the drop down list at the right.

(5) After you select the target book, the box in the middle will display a series of options. Choose "Save text to selected book." See the illustration below.

Click to enlarge.

'Save text to selected book' selected.

(6) Click the Next>> button. Pathagoras will display a standard "Save Document" screen. But, unlike what will happen outside of this screen, the folder associated with the book you have selected will be pre-chosen for you. You do not have to navigate to it. Simply name your document and then click the Save button on that screen.

(7) Your newly saved document will display on the Clause Selection Screen the next time you perform a document assembly routine.