Once you have selected the first block of text that you want to break out, you need to decide where you are going to save it. The Term Works! screen offers 3  choices:

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   (1) The 'Position #1' book. This refers to the glossary or folder that sits on bookshelf #1 in your active Library. The actual name of the glossary or folder is shown at the lower left quadrant of the screen, next to the 'Last 10 Terms Saved' listing;

   (2) Another book in your current Library; or

   (3) Any where else you please. If you are a beginner and have not created any books just yet, you should just click the 'SaveAs' button.

   When you click any of the above buttons, Pathagoras will transfer the selected text (with all formatting retained) to a new document. Then, if you selected:

   (1) (Position #1 book) Pathagoras will insert the text into a new document in the selected folder (or a new term in the selected glossary.)

   (2) (Another book), Pathagoras will open a screen displaying your current library, from which screen you can select the appropriate book into which to save the text.

   (3) (SaveAs) Pathagoras will display a standard Word 'SaveAs' screen and allow you to navigate to the location to which you wish to save the text. (Pathagoras requires no special location for its clauses, so the choice is yours. The default is going to be the folder in which the source document resides. Our suggestion: create a sub-folder here and save the text in that sub-folder.)

   Once you have completed the save, Pathagoras will offer a 'Continue process?' option. If you select it, Pathagoras will save and close the new document, return to your 'source' document, and highlight the next block of text that comports with the set parameters. This is the 'automatic' part, and makes your dis-assembly of a document incredibly easy.

   Note one other thing: The long green button beneath the Term Name box now reflects the name of the book or of the SaveAs folder into which you saved the initial clause. If you wish, you can just click on the green button to save your next clause(s).