Add 'Hidden' Clause Names to text

    As you review assembled documents, you may discover a typographical or formatting error that you wish to correct. But you may not know which clause is the one that contains the problem text. To solve that 'mystery,' you can tell Pathagoras to add the names of each clause you have selected for assembly as a piece of hidden text preceding the insertion of the clause itself. Here is how:

1.Select the desired book of clauses from the Libraries & Books screen and press Next>> to display the Clause Selection screen;

2.Select the clauses that you want to assemble and move them to the right pane. Before clicking the Next>> button to begin the actual document assembly, click the More>> button in the lower left side of the screen. Several additional controls display, including “Add clause name as hidden text.” (See Figure 1.) Check it.

Click to enlarge.

Figure 1. The Clause Selection Screen ("More" view)


3.Now press the Next>> button in the upper right corner of the screen. The names of each selected clause are inserted into the new document as hidden text immediately before that clause's text. To 'reveal' the clause name, press the 'Show All' button (the pilcrow character (¶)) in the menu area of the screen.