Perhaps the easiest way to add text to an existing book is via the Document Assembly (Libraries & Books) screen.

   Here are the steps:

(1) Display the text you want to add to the book.

informationThe text you choose to add to the book can be anything. It can be text, it can be a picture, a chart, etc. You can copy text/data/pictures/tables/links/whatever from the Internet and paste it onto the editing screen. You may have text from a forms book that you want to add to your collection of forms. It does not matter to Pathagoras what the source of the text is. So long as you can display it onto your Word screen, it can be added to a book.

(2) If you want to add just a portion of the displayed text, highlight that portion. If you want to add the entire document, don't highlight anything.

(3) Press the Document Assembly icon. (It is the third one from the left, next to the Pathagoras features list.) The Libraries & Books screen will display.

(4) Select the target book from the list of books at the left of the screen. If the book is not in your current library, select a new library from the drop down list at the right.

(5) After you select the target book, the box in the middle will display a series of options. Choose "Save text to selected book." See the illustration below.

Click to enlarge.

'Save text to selected book' selected.

(6) Click the Next>> button. Pathagoras will display the Term Works! screen.

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Note these features on the Term Works! screen:

(1) & (2)  A space to enter the new term's name & a subject.

(3) the name of the selected book. This is also the "action" button that you will press to complete the 'add term' process.

(4) a drop down list containing the names of all terms currently in the selected book. (This helps in consistency in naming, and to prevent duplication of names.)

(5) a list of the 10 most recently added terms.

   When you have named the new term and provided a subject, click the    Green Bar    (which will display the name of the book) to add the text to the book.

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