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Access Interface

Access Interface

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Access Interface

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Published, but feature is not yet available. If you wish to beta test this feature, please contact us a

   Pathagoras in now adapted in a limited sense for Access operations. It This feature will allow you to export a selected access record to an IDB file, and to select a document (while still in Access) and merge the document to the record.

   The information provided in the Excel Interface section is applicable here and your attention is invited there.

   By way of quick summary, the Access feature is a separate program (actually, it is an add-in to Access, just like Pathagoras is an add-in to Word). It allows an Access user to select an Access record (while in Access), and to perform one or more of the following functions:

1.export that data to a CSV file (an Instant Database record, as that term is used in Pathagoras) a form that currently exists in one of the user's libraries & books (a folder or glossary that has been created in Word using Pathagoras tools) that the user wishes to now prepare for the client/customer.
3.automatically open Word to combine the user's data selected in 1 with the form selected in 2. pause (now the user is in Word, but automatically so) with the document selected in 2 assembled in 'draft' form, and with the Instant Database screen visible and at the forefront. This pause is so that the user can make any last minute changes to the data values. Further, if there are variables in the document that have no Access data equivalent, the user can 'scan' the document for [bracketed variables]
Explanation: For many 'not so form' documents, it is a rare situation when the data needed to create is always or necessarily contained in the personal data record. Oftentimes, the database is the billing or contacts database. They were created at different times and without a specific document assembly project in mind. So when the [third alternative beneficiary] variable needed to complete a complex will is not in the data record, it can still be easily 'picked up' by Pathagoras in a 'Scan.'
5.the program can be configured so that the pause in 4 does not occur. (Some system administrators may not want the user to be able to change anything).