Pathagoras recommends that your source text (your boilerplate language and your assortment of alternative clauses) be stored in regular Word documents. That is, your source clauses should be stored as ".doc" or ".docx" files, not .dot (or .dotx) files..

.doc files are easier to save where you want them saved. (If you change a ".doc" to a ".dot" file, Word automatically changes the default save location to your templates folder. Then you must navigate back to the folder where you wanted the original stored. This folder switch does not occur with .doc file.  Just save your substantive text in standard files. Store them where they make the most sense to you.

.doc files are easier to access and edit. Typically, when you try to open a '.dot' file, Word assumes that you want to create a copy of the file, not its original. You have to remember and follow the steps to open the actual template file. Not so with '.doc' files.

informationThis ".dot" protection offered by Word make it more difficult to accidentally overwrite a template. However, you need not worry about overwriting originals during a Pathagoras session either, even with a 'doc' or 'docx' extension. Pathagoras always uses a copy of the original text when it assembles documents, never the original.

   In all of the automatic clause creation methods discussed in the following sections, Pathagoras will always save the resulting clauses as .doc or .docx files.