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Storage Options

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Storage Options

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    By default, your documents are edited and saved in the native 'Pathagoras On Cloud' program and servers. But there are quite a few other options as to where you can choose to store your documents. Pathagoras On Cloud currently links to the following cloud storage facilities:


 Google Drive

 One Drive


 NetDocuments (pending)

 Pathagoras On Cloud native servers (hosted on Amazon servers based in USA)


    Except for Pathagoras On Cloud, you must have a separate (and existing) account with the service provider. You cannot create a new account on these services via Pathagoras.


    To choose/change a storage location, click the Settings (gear) icon. Then click the Storage tab and select the location from which you wish to pull, and to which you wish to save, your documents. Click the Save button that will appear. You will be asked to provide appropriate sign-in credentials to link to your account. When done, the previously existing folders in your account will appear in the left most panel of the Pathagoras On Cloud screen. Three new folders (if they did not previously exist) will be added: Boilerplate, IDBs and Tutorials.


    You cannot install Pathagoras On Cloud into within any of the above named services. Google Docs and Word Online currently don't allow 3rd parties into their word processing service. Therefore, your initial assembly steps as described elsewhere will still take place within POC. But the documents you call and the documents you save will be directily from and directly to your chosen storage site. (It's not a situation where a ghost copy of you site is maintained by Pathagoras. Pathagoras is working directly from documents and boilerplate text actually at your selected storage site. As soon as you have finiished assembling your document, processing the Options blocks and replacing the variables with personal text, the final (or semi-final) product is held by you (just as if it was an earth-centric process.)


    Further editing:

    If you have selected Google Drive or OneDrive for your document storage, after your document is assembled and processed, you have two additional choices:


    (1) you can continue to edit the document in POC.


    (2) you  can switch over to Google Docs or Word Online to finish editing the document. To do so, click the appropriate button in the 'Main' tab in the Pathagoras toolbar. The transition from POC to Google Dors or Word Online is seamless. All editing and collaboration tools of the respective editors are available. If you elect to simply close out of Pathagoras without transferring to a different editor, the document you created in POC will be in your Google Drive or OneDrive folder the next time you look. (If you sync to your local computer, it will be there as well.


   (3) you can download the file to your local computer (or email the document as an attachment to anyone else either as the final product or for further editing.


  Q: Can I have more that one storage site active at one time?  Sorry, Pathagoras allows only one storage choice to be active in a session. You can change your mind and, via the settings screen, jump back a forth between storage locations. But only one storage site can be selected at a particular time.)