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Robust Optional

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Robust Optional

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Robust Optional

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The anatomy of a robust Optional block.


   The block of text that contains the options you want to present to the end user must begin with '<<*Optional*' and end with a corresponding '>>' marker.


   If you want to add a groupname (so that all members of the same group are handled in the same fashion as your first selection), it must appear immediately after the <<*Optional* command. Just like all !groups!, the groupname must be written between two exclamation marks ('!').


   If you want to add a question or a prompt, it must appear immediately after the !groupname!


   Closing the administrative text. If you add a groupname and/or a prompt, you must tell Pathagoras where the 'administrative text' end and the substantive text begins. This is done by the insertion of a third asterisk.


   Here is the previous example marked up with a group name and prompts. You can copy and paste this example into an OnCloud document and test it by pressing Alt-P ('p'rocess) or clicking the Process button under Pathagoras Tools. (Note: as with all added colorings, they are for emphasis only. They are not required. You may leave colorings in the document and all will be removed upon processing.)


   <<*Optional*!outofstock!Is product out of stock?*The widgets you have ordered are not currently in stock. We will ship them as soon as possible.
   If we have not shipped within 5 days of this date, you will have the option to cancel the order.>>


When Pathagoras encounters an optional text block (#1 above), it will highlight the text in the document. If a question has been inserted in the optional text block, it will ask that question. Otherwise, Pathagoras will simply ask "Do you want to keep this text?"


   Pathagoras On Cloud can do all of this for you automatically. Just highlight the text block that contains your Optional text. Click the 'Pathagoras Tools' tab and then click the 'Convert to '<<*Optional*..." button. Provide the groupname and a prompt or question that you want to give to the end user.


Toolbar 'Tools'


Pathagoras instantly modifies the highlighted text, inserting all elements in their proper places. Because all markups are plain text, you can still further edit the groupname, the prompt/question, and the substantive text, until you have achieved the best setup for your document.