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Pathagoras Tools tab

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Pathagoras Tools tab

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lightbulbsmallYou do not have to visit this toolbar if you know the HotKey equivalents.

They appear in the Toolbar above and are repeated in the discussions below.


Instant 'D'atabase (Alt-D): After you have assembled a document that contains variables, you will want to replace those variables with personal values. Press the Instant Database button to call up the screen that allows you to do so. Read more about variables at this link and about the Instant Database at this one.

'P'rocess Document (Alt-P): If your document contains conditional text, you will first want to 'process' the document. Conditional text are 'Options' and 'Optional' blocks of text that you have marked to either remain or or discarded from the final product depending upon conditions thatyou have extablished -- male client/female client; children/no children; responsible attorney; anything you can think of). A press of the 'Process Document' button tells Pathagoras to identify each block of conditional text so you can decide on the content of the initial draft.
Typically you would Process the document before personalizing via the Instant Database. That way variables that may reside within text that you are deleting will not be presented when you scan for variable with the Instant Database screen.
Read more about these type of conditional tex at the link providedt:

<<*Options* . . . >> Robust Options text

<<*Optional* . . . >> Robust Optional text

{text} Simple Optional text

'G'et (Alt-G): An Alt-G press (or click of the Get Term button) tells Pathagoras to search through the BoilerPlate folder for the named document. If found, the text of that document will be inserted into your document. Note: the term you are calling in must be at the left margin of the document.





If the insertion point is at the immediate right of the letter 'd' in the text above, Alt-G will locate and insert the document called 'ltrhead' from the Boilerplate collection.

Selection section: If you highlight a bit of the on-screen text you can quickly cause Pathagoras to Pathagoras On Cloud works on selected text in a variety of ways. Depending upon the selection made, highlighted text can be:

oconverted to an Options text block (fully 'painted')

oconverted to an Optional text block  (fully 'painted')

oif it's a list of items, the list can be added to your collection of 'Aliases' and their values.

oif it's a variable, you can add it to your collection of Common Variables, but use the Common Variables section (to the right) for that.

Common Variables: From this section (expanded in the above view), you can add variables that you want to preserve for instant recall and insertion in new documents. And of course you can insert a Common Variable into any document from the list. If you are trying to globally replace variables throughout a document, consider using the Instant Database to accomplish this. This 'tip' is discussed at this link.