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Instant Database Screen

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Instant Database Screen

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Instant Database Screen

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   When you are ready to replace variables in your assembled document with personal values, follow these steps:


1.  Click the Instant Database tab in the command bar. (Alternatively, you can press Alt-D from a keyboard). This screen will appear:



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    Type in the 'Replace With' column the personal values you want the variables shown at the left to become in the final document.


2.  When the Instant Database screen appears, you have two choices:

If you have previously created a record for the client or customer for whom you are preparing the underlying document, drop down the Existing Records list and select the appropriate name. If there are variables in the document that do not exist in the record, press Scan and the new variables will be added.
If this is the first time you are preparing a document for the client or customer, click the Scan button in the lower left side of the screen. Pathagoras will scan the document for any bracketed variables it finds. (Note that the Scan brought up the 3 bracketed variables in the paragraph above titled 'Creating variables'.)


3.  Provide values for each variable. For multiple choice variables, drop down the list that Pathagoras automatically creates when it sees those slashes.


4.  If the variable name contains the word 'date' in any fashion, or is DOB (standard abbreviation for 'date of birth'), Pathagoras will add a Date Selection/Calendar tool. Use it (optional) to select and format a date for the replacement value.


5.  When you are done, press the Next button. Pathagoras will ask if you want to create a new (or update the existing) record. Go ahead and say yes and give this record a name. Typically the Last, First name of the client or customer is used, but you can use anything you desire (file numbers, etc.).


6.  After the record is saved, Pathagoras instantly replaces all instances of each variable with the value you assigned.


7.  If a groupname has been assigned to two or more variables, note that all members of the same group change in tandem.