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Getting from A to Z (from setup to final document), in a Nutshell

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Getting from A to Z (from setup to final document), in a Nutshell

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Getting from A to Z (from setup to final document), in a Nutshell

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Document assembly with Pathagoras On Cloud requires only these few setup steps.


Source Text

1. Upload or create your source documents. Using Pathagoras document management tools, this is a quick and easy process. Keep your documents organized in the same fashion you are used to 'on earth.' Pathagoras provides a special folder called Boilerplate which will allow you a hotkey recall of any document in that folder.

2. If a document is not ready for automation, 'Pathagorize' it. Pathagoras' 'plain text' approach to adding variables and conditional text make this easy and intuitive.


Create variables by typing 'variable sounding' text between square brackets. Like this: [Client Name] or [Spouse Address].

Create simple optional text blocks by surrounding selected text with simple 'curly braces.' {This sentence, since it is between curly braces, is optional.} (Pathagoras also offers a more robust method for handling complex conditional text.)

Save the document in an appropriate folder. This document can be used in the next series of steps.


3.  When you are ready to produce/assemble a document, hop onto any a web browser and log into your account.


The first thing you will see are your document folders listed in the left panel. Click on the folder which contains the documents you want to work with. The documents within the selected folder will be displayed in the large center section of the screen.

If you want to work with a single document, just double click it and it will be displayed. If you want to assemble two or more documents into a new document, check the boxes within the document icon. Move them to the right -most column which collects the documents to be assembled. (Or you can drag, with your mouse or your finger, each desired item you want to assemble.

Click the Assemble button and select where you want further editing to take place -- your desktop (or laptop, pad or hand-held) or stay within the program. (If you have Options blocks to process and/or variables to replace, stay within the program.)

Click the 'Process' button on the Pathagoras tools tab (or press Alt-P) to process the Options and Optional text blocks.


Press the Instant Database button (or press Alt-D) to replace the document variables with personal data.


Review the document to insure accuracy.



4.    You can now print the document if you are connected to a printer. Or you can email the document to a recipient (including yourself, your office staff or your client ). Or you may save it (either to the cloud or your local computer or network) for later editing.