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Document Assembly Process

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Document Assembly Process

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Document Assembly Process

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Whether by Template, Clause or Mixed, the process is the same. Navigate to the folder which contains your clauses. Check one or more boxes next to the display of items in that folder at the right.. Click the 'Assemble' button in the command bar.


The document assembly screen appears.


Document Assembly1


   This screen gives you the opportunity to add more clauses from the left panel (which shows all files in the folder, take back any clauses you decide you don't want, and to rearrange the ones you have selected. (The screen is sizable, so if any clauses are longer than will fit, just widen the screen.)


   Once you are happy with your choices and their order, press one of the buttons at the bottom of the screen. The 'Assemble and Download' choice will cobble the clauses together and then open Word on your desktop. Further processing using Pathagoras On Earth can be done there. (For documents with complex setups, you should click this option. Otherwise, the choice is yours.) For most projects, Assemble and Edit Online will be your choice.


   After the initial draft of your document is on the screen, you will want to process the conditional text and then personalize the document for the client or customer.  Once the assembly is complete, you will want to press Alt-P (Process Document) and then Alt-D (Instant Database) to replace resulting variables with personal text. Check the links for more information on each.


   Note: If you know that you will not be adding any documents to the one you select (i.e., 'template assembly' using a single document, you can avoid the Assembly screen simply by double clicking on the document you wish to assemble.