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Cloud Computing Concepts

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Cloud Computing Concepts

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Cloud Computing Concepts

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   Working in the cloud is becoming more and more like working at a desktop 'on earth.' But unlike many other genres of cloud computing, document automation in the cloud is still a relatively weak sibling. Systems as complex as word processing, document assembly and automation, require more computing power than is typically available in the cloud.  If you have ever worked with Word or Word Perfect (or with Mac's Pages) and compared it with Google Docs or Office 365 (cloud version), you will be struck by the absence of many features you to which you may have become accustomed.


   But the web is catching up, and at a remarkable clip. Presently, all cloud-based word processors accomplish the basics well. Some of the heavier functions, including complex formatting functions, recordable macros, and similar tools, just haven't quite translated well into a cloud environment. With cloud computing, everything is done using HTML (hyper text markup language). Cloud programs constantly re-write of the HTML code so that you see on your display (whether desktop or phone, and all devices in between) the intended result. There just isn't enough cloud 'power' and speed just yet to handle. Unlike many other cloud processes, word processing, document assembly and document automation are exceptionally dynamic processes. When document elements are modified, the program has to identify those elements, make changes in the right order and re-check the modified document for consistency.


    Even distance that 'signals' have to travel affects your results. Despite the fact that electronic signals travel at the speed of light (more or less), 'reads' and 'write' between a disk and a CPU that are inches apart will behave differently than those thousands of miles from each other.


    The user of course expects that everything will be seamless and instant, just like on a desktop. But we still ask that you consider that the resource that is performing all the actions is your relatively small browser, and that practically no local resources are being consumed. When you have a short processing delay, please forgive.


   Cloud computing now is much like computers themselves in their infancy. It is all quite remarkable, and its definitely the wave of the future, but more still has to be done before it can duplicate your desktop experience in every regard.


    We prepared the above to let you know that complexities and challenges in true document assembly in the cloud (with all the bells and whistles that you have seen 'on earth') still exist. We have programmed Pathagoras On Cloud to go well beyond the essentials, and intend that it work better and more intuitively than any of its competitors. So when a feature that exists 'on earth' doesn't exist 'on cloud,' it's not that we forgot or don't want to provide it. It's that it may not (yet) be feasible. (Keep in mind that feasible differs from possible: everything is likely possible, but the coding needed to accomplish it may so bog down the browser as to make it impractical. So some features that exists in Pathagoras On Earth may never be translated into the cloud. But as HTML become more advanced and capable of accomplishing what 'earthly' computers can, we'll be right there.)


   It is equally likely that an 'on earth'  feature doesn't yet exist because it just wasn't near the top of our priorities list. So tell us and we can move it up. If you have a glitch, tell us. We want to fix it. If you have a question, ask it. Call or write. We really do answer phones. Click here for our contact information.