Using the 3-frame layout option in Webhelp

Selecting the Premium Pack "3-frame layout" option displays an additional frame above the main help into which you can load an HTML page to integrate the help in your own website. You can define the height and HTML page name in the skin or template file but you must create the HTML page you want to use yourself.


The following instructions apply both for the *.hmxz project template version and for the *.hmxz skin version. For detailed instructions please refer to the Premium Pack help chapter, which you can find in the main Help & Manual Help.


1.Create the HTML file you want to load in the top frame. It should be suitable for loading into a narrow, banner-type strip.
2.If you want to store the HTML file in the same folder as your output add the HTML file and any graphics used in it to the Baggage Files section in Project Files > Baggage Files. If your HTML file is stored somewhere else you just need to include the URL to it in the next step.
3.Go to Configuration > Common Properties > Text Variables and enter the URL and/or name of the HTML file and the height of the top frame in the variables 3FRAME_PAGE and 3FRAME_HEIGHT. You can also turn on scrollbars in the top frame by entering "yes" or "auto" as the value for 3FRAME_SCROLLING but this is not recommended. Enter "no" for all normal web pages.
4.Delete the 3frame_header_dummy.htm file containing these instructions from the Baggage section to prevent it from being included with your published output.
5.When you publish your project select the "3-frame layout" option in the Include Options: box in the Publish dialog.