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Tips of the Week
Pathagoras Tip of the Week


    After you have configured your first profile, you can easily and quickly search for a particular document that you know is within the scope of the profile without ever leaving the PathSmart screen.  Display the PathSmart screen by clicking the 'runner' (the first button from the left in the Pathagoras toolbar). Then, cycle through each of your SmartPaths by clicking the radio button at the left (not the bar). With each click, the contents of the currently selected SmartPath (folder) will display in the list in the center of the screen.

    If you have typed in a 'filter' in the filter box, you can even limit your search to a name or the first few characters of a name. Note: Filtered searches display much faster in PathSmart than can be generated using Word alone.

    No more navigating up and down and across to find a document. PathSmart makes it quick and easy.

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